Hydrogen Powered International Telecommunications

Small robotic boats in international waters supporting low-flying satellites, approx. 100m above the ocean. These Units use wind to generate electricity, separate ocean water (H2O) into Hydrogen/Oxygen (H2+0). Units are floating on their own power/energy source (ie. the world's oceans). Free Hydrogen, free rocket fuel, see H2.PN

Three more competent Licensors and numerous Licensees are required. Over 90% of license fair value is EC.PN financed, using only the Unit's projected revenues as collateral and loan repayment. More

International Commodities Exchange for Data Required

EC.PN is financing the build of 5 Commodities Exchanges, facilitating the trade of data. Software (including source code) providing real-time market-depth, trade, transaction processing, delivery of the data and integrated payments for the data is in place.

The project's owners are looking for Licensors and are willing to assist with the appointment of Licensees. EC.PN is funding up to 90% of the Licensors and Licensees using only the future revenue as collateral and security for the loans.

Terminating viruses and backdoors, bypassing operating systems, firmware and Hardware

An integrated software/hardware development/design environment, with tools enabling application software to be directly drilled onto bare metal.

3rd Party OS, firmware, ethernet controllers, CPUs and other hardware components are not required - and therefore no longer a risk.

Tool development costs are equally split across all participants. More

EC.PN, Funding EnergetiC Professionals Network.

If you are an energetic professional with a project to potentially make the world a better place and/or generate significant ongoing revenues, requiring between $50M to $500M investment, EC.PN maybe interested in financing your project.

Funding methods include: donations, financing using a percentage of revenue for repayment, IPO, licensing, risk share, and/or revenue splits.

Hydrogen Powered Vehicles

Motorbikes, cars and trucks powered by hydrogen. Competent mechanics, CAD/CAM/CNC Technicians, Metallurgists (titanium alloys), Structural Engineers, Creative Designers, and Micro-Controller Hardware Engineers required.

12 axis robots, accurate to a micron, programmed to create motor vehicles. EC.PN financing is in-place. Distributors/Licensees now required.

Forest Fire Early Warning Detection/Prevention Systems

The placement of telecommunications towers with advanced FLIR systems detect the smallest of fires, facilitating termination before considerable loss occurs.

Donations from EC.PN have facilitated the first few towers; more towers are required, please donate.

eCommerce Professionals Network

Router Clusters and Data Distribution Servers strategically positioned and interlinked worldwide, enabling eCommerce entities to expand from thousands to hundreds of millions of users.

EC.PN is financing 90% of license fair value. Another 950 Licensees are now required; Each Licensee commits to a minimum of 1,000 internet circuits at £5 ($6.50) per month.

International Shipping, Warehousing and Logistics

Robotic boats, Hydrogen-fueled, facilitating international warehousing, shipping and logistics.

Licensors required, EC.PN financing available.

Hydrogen Generation, Storage and Shipping

Robotic tankers in international waters use wind to generate electricity, separating ocean water (H2O) into Hydrogen/Oxygen. The tankers' fuel costs are zero since they are floating on the source of fuel (ie. the world's oceans). Free Hydrogen, free rocket fuel. The tankers' store of Hydrogen (H2) is delivered and then converted from H2, plus O into H2O, generating electricity.

Licensors required, EC.PN financing available.

International Commodities Exchanges

EC.PN has financed the build of 5 Commodities Exchanges for Hydrogen. Rights to real-time software, including source code, for market depth, trade, transaction processing, clearing, payment system are complete.

Licensors required, EC.PN is also funding 90% license fair value.

Real-time worldwide independent video/messaging/teleconferencing, website/build/hosting and payment system

This system functions even if the internet and/or mobile phone networks are all down. EC.PN has financed the build. Rights to real-time software, including source code is complete.

Licensees required, EC.PN is funding 90% license fair value.

Natural healthy sugar alternative

Xylitol production, international distribution and logistics. EC.PN has 100% financed this project.

Licensees are required, EC.PN is funding 90% license fair value.